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Management Systems Consultants – Quality, Safety, Environment

Personalized Quality Assurance Services (PQAS) was founded in 1998 by Dave Verma, an engineer with MBA and over 35 years of industry experience in senior management roles. Dave also has the distinction of being one of the few in the country to be Exemplar Certification (formerly known as RABQSA) certified Lead Management Consultant as well as a Lead Auditor.

PQAS is a Sydney based company engaged for 17 years in assisting organizations set up and maintaining their management systems. We work closely with our clients to provide our expertise in setting up your management systems for Quality Assurance, Safety, Environment or attaining Product certification. Management Systems set up by PQAS are known for their simplicity and relevance to the business needs of the client. The systems designed are simple and business oriented, are easy to implement and come with minimal fuss. PQAS has been doing this ever since it was formed. Our testimony lies in the fact that quite a few of our clients have been using our services ever since we first started working for with them.

Management Consultants Certified Lead Management Consultant and Lead Auditor
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