Adopt Integrated Management System For Optimized Growth & Profits

‘Management’ of an enterprise was recognized very early as an important dimension towards progressive business doing. Failing sound management means faltered initiatives and loss of resource (both material and human). This was undesirable and therefore thinkers and practitioners in commercial economy employed their counsels to formulate different theories and paradigms continued to evolve. However, the demand for better business management never saturated and therefore we find refined interventions always taking place. Integrated management system is a concept that has been developed with the objective of allowing the business firms and enterprises to streamline their tasks and operations and to negate their losses due to inefficient management. Companies are reaching out to management systems consultant agencies to adopt a resonant mechanism that takes care of their functional dynamics in a customized way.

Integrated management system – for better efficiency

ISO or ‘International Standards Organization’ has been instrumental in the last few decades, designing the codes and manuals for the business companies that want to achieve better management ‘in house’. It is not difficult explain as why the desire for better management is universal! The companies with sound management practices witness least inefficiency and hence better profits and growth. However, achieving this feat is not an easy proposition as it warrants a coordinated approach that balances well all the dimensions of relevance. Integrated management system combines the leading ISO management systems like 9001 (for quality assurance), 14001 (for environmental safety and compliance) and those pertaining to safety at workplace like 45001. IMS has been therefore developed as a comprehensive framework that responds to all the parameters. Implemented successfully, IMS offers visible efficiency enhancement that exhibits along the factors of lesser losses (of resources), better coordination & improved agility. 

The role of management systems consultants

Integrated Management System is an all inclusive framework that also recommends the ways and means of ushering the transformation. The client business banners may not have the demanded caliber and expertise to execute the codes and manuals offered in the framework document. The management systems consultant agencies are the specialists that carry experience and knowledge towards making the desirable changes as promised in  various ISO frameworks in a definite timeline. Leveraging their specialization reduces the time lags and eliminates the aberrations that can disrupt the adoption of IMS by the business company.

How the change is ushered?

The most important attribute while implementing the ISO  codes for any client business firm is that of customization. Unless this dimension is taken care of in a resonant manner, the results will remain blur and elusive for the seeker company. Leading management systems consultant PQAS specializes in calibrated transition of the internal management processes so that a graduated change is produced. By assessing client firm’s functional spread and by identifying the loopholes responsible for inefficiency, it designs a custom plan that is also modified as per the requirements. Real time monitoring is undertaken so as to gauge the transformation and to ensure that deviations are not produced. The experts also counsel the changes in the management and decisional practices of the company so as to improve the acumens and negate the possibility of losses.

All the parameters including quality, environment, occupational health and safety etc are considered to generate holistic positive change for the business company that becomes more competitive, dynamic, resilient and growth driven.