Adopt resonant safety management systems to avert potential losses!

Among many dimensions of management, safety is also one! The enterprise operations as well as its ambience should be maintained safe against the inherent dangers that may differ from one to other sector. The concept of safety management systems gained prominence in the last few decades when the industrial sophistication increased while some risk oriented verticals found heavy prominence in the social economy. These verticals like petroleum, chemicals, electricity generation/distribution, railways, aviation and such others have now emerged as the core determinants of economic processes but also carry sufficient risk associated with them. Even little fault that remains latent and unnoticed could prove disastrous and fatal causing loss of human lives and the capital worth that is pooled to establish the infrastructure of it.

What is safety management system?

Very early, the enterprises started developing and practicing their safety manuals that were maintained ‘in house’ by the floor managers. However, now we have more dedicated & refined standards on the same. ISO or International Standards Organization has also offered an elaborate set of codes under its 45001 framework that chiefly talks of the OH&S (occupational health & safety). It came into effect in March 2018. The ISO 45001 certification is built upon the previously available British standard OHSAS 18001 that was also accepted as a global code of enterprise safety. These frameworks have been developed in a comprehensive manner after assessing all the dimensions of relevance to safety of the industrial processes and also the workforces employed under the enterprise’s functional space. Very objective guidelines have been prepared to allow the ambient and functional safety so that losses (both human and material) are eliminated or minimized to least. Safety management system consultants offer their services as per the protocols mentioned in these two leading safety frameworks.

Why safety management is important and demanded?

The demand of safety management systems in modern economy is swift and it is synergized by two potent factors that are highly relevant! One is the need to avoid capital and infrastructure loss that emanates from an industrial disaster driven through negligence or compromised safety. In today’s highly competitive economy when capital is so precious, none enterprise could afford to lose it and get defunct in market. Therefore the emphasis on ambient safety is immense.

Secondly, the factor of human life has now emerged significant and as a mark of ‘model employer’, now the companies adopt the responsibility of their workforces. This could be equated to work ethics from the employer end and objectively this also derives into various benefits like medi-claims, insurance, pensions and such others. However, safety management protocols like those offered in ISO 45001 and BS 18001 are more oriented towards objective adherences to avert any disaster driven by bad safety procedures in house. Thus there is a definite ‘preventive’ concept involved which means that losses could be saved if safety codes are adhered to correctly!

Custom development of safety management system:

Safety management system consultancy is geared as an assistive service that is aimed to ensure transition of the client organization to develop consonance with the safety standards. While offering the services, the dimension of customization is fully taken care of as an essential attribute! A resonant safety management system is then developed which meets the ISO 45001/BS 18001 framework requirements and also includes the sectoral safety protocols that have been in use for long. The specialist agency oversees the transition as per the safety management system so that results are achieved as desired and there are no loopholes left.