Benefit of ISO Product Certification and How to Find Right ISO Consultant

The Benefit of ISO Product Certification:

Every industry needs to follow certain specific standards’ which creates the credibility and reliability among their customers and also a prominent place in the market. Standardization makes it easy for the customer and business partners to assess organizations. It also helps the organization to improve the efficiency of their overall performance, which in turn will yield more profits and market share. One such industry standardization is the ISO certification.

Would you mind if your business is being given an international accreditation that the processes which are running by your organization are well structured and are internationally recognized, nobody would say NO to it. ISO certification is an international body who authorizes that your organization runs or comply with the internationally ISO management systems. With this, a company’s credibility and confidence among existing and potential clients increases.

ISO certification is a statement or proof to your stakeholders that the organizations run or operates the business in a certain set of the defined framework to achieve business objective or goal. It shows the commitment of the organization towards their company objectives.

But now the next question is how can I achieve or get this certification for my organization. Here comes the role of ISO consultant as they are highly trained and expert professionals who have extensive experience in implementing the ISO quality management systems across industries. A good ISO 9001 Consultant would rapidly understand the existing processes that are part of your organization and will identify what would be the best approach to implement ISO 9001 requirements.

No matter how big or small your company is, ISO certification is the thing which sets you apart from all the others.  An ISO consultant is a specialist who will have a detailed insight into the workflow and can better assist in the policy-making, training and will also improve the overall workflow of the company.

Let’s first understand what role ISO consultant will perform;

  1. They help you to assist in implementing and maintain international standards.
  1. They help you to develop the policies & guidelines which are in line with the international standards as defined by concerned authorities or agency.
  1. They ensure that the operational processes and techniques of the organization meet the quality parameters’ of the international standards and suggest changes, if any improvement is required, within the structure of the organization.
  2. They need to check whether internal audits are being performed well or not and further they need to verify the results. This in turn indirectly ensures the financial health of the organization.
  1. ISO 9001 consultant needs to be well versed with all updated versions of the standards and also know how to apply the application knowledge to the respective processes.

How to Find Right ISO Consultant?

But finding the right ISO consultant or Product Certification Consultants is not an easy task or it would be right if we say it’s a challenge. A number of things need to be considered and a proper due diligence is required when you hire the one, as picking the wrong will also not only lead to the money loss but at the same time can create a lot of confusion in the existing processes of your organization structure.

While hiring an ISO consultant, consider the following factors as they are not only important but are critical too for the successful implementation of ISO management system in your organization-

  1. Relevant skills – A different set of disciplines and stages such as internal auditing, policy making & its implementation, advisory on improving existing processes, are involved when any organization plan to implement the management systems, which can be achieved with the help of skilled consultants only.

A skilled consultant will help you to identify the discipline which needs to be implemented and may also                        perform   the gap analysis to further assess the requirement and objective. So, it’s very necessary and crucial to             get the skilled consultant for the respective work.

  1. Track record & Experience – Experience is something which nobody can beat as experience always adds value in any system. But at the same time do check for the educational qualification, number of projects done so far, success rate, customer reviews & feedbacks as this will ensure that your system is in right hands.
  1. Timeline & Pricing- Pricing mainly depends on the size of the organization for which the certification process will be done and time required. A smaller company will require less time as compared to the large organizations as it involves extensive work. So a thorough analysis is required in terms of cost to cover all parts and processes of the organization.

Final Words

Sometimes cost incurred to get your organization certified is worth value as its outcome or results provide a long-term & stable benefit in today’s complex and competitive business environment. Just make sure ISO consultant plans matches the required objective of your organization.