As an organization, the safety of your employees, workers and associates is paramount. We know that you value your teams and you see them as more than their job designations. You would also have to worry about your mounting expenses when your business hours are lost to preventable hazards and illnesses. In the fast changing and unpredictable environments of today, even the strictest Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are not enough to enforce and ensure safety.
An effective Integrated Management System is required that is a combination of all the required and related resources and requirements and that is put together in a single and unified platform for the smooth, easier and successful operations and management. One of the biggest needs of a powerful and consolidated integrated management system is because it helps the business organisations to save the time and also to improve the overall productivity and effectiveness when in
We understand the role and importance of ISO certification in the successful running of your business and for this, we at PQAS, aims to provide you with the best and affordable certification services across different cities of the world and in every part of Australia. We offer our ISO consultant services from Brisbane to Sydney, from Adelaide, Tasmania, Perth and anything in between. At PQAS, we follow & adhere to a systematic and practical business
These days, there is an increased awareness of various environmental protection measures. What was earlier thought of as unimportant to corporates and organizations has now become a key area for most of them worldwide. Every organization today incorporates the belief that we all have something to owe to the environment and therefore, must consider trying our own bit to save it in every way possible. It has become increasingly important for each and every organization
No matter what your professional goals and requirements might be, you might want to incorporate the various safety management systems (SMSs)a in your organisation. Almost every organisation in the world aims to prioritise on the same to ensure safety and protection for their employees and to also make sure that they comply with the necessary safety regulations. While it is always better to opt for safety management systems consultants when you are considering the option,