Successful business organizations have realized the benefits of Safety Management System at workplaces that remain safer and healthier, and many have opted for an integrated approach by linking or combining the environmental and quality management systems. Establishing a formalized and comprehensive processes concerning health & safety at the workplace not only ensures the well-being of the employees but also security to your financial assets that further help in increasing the efficiency & productivity of the
Today each organization understands the importance of a sustainable environment and diverse benefits of implementing ISO 14001, and for that, they are adopting every possible mean in their business operations or processes. But still many struggles between the question of whether they should do it themselves or should hire ISO 14001 Certification Consultants for the implementation and maintenance of an EMS (Environmental Management System) in their organization because of the cost. PQAS, a leading team
Maintaining the quality of the products is one of the most challenging parts of any business. That is the main reason why a manufacturer has to employ the ISO consultant for controlling and managing this system methodically. What is ISO? Before going to the detailed discussion about the nuances of the benefits of ISO certification, it is necessary to have a primary idea about the matter. ISO is the international standard of the quality, which
Management was recognized as an attribute very early by the business echelons and owners; mainly because it renders the organization efficient and hence profitable! The thinkers and practitioners therefore got enthusiastic about laying down the principles of better management and they chronicled robust accounts through their research & insights. Today, we have standards and frameworks that serve as guides for the seeking managers who wish to adopt refined practices relating to ‘in house’ management. ISO
The ultimate goal of ISO 9001 is to enable the business operations in such a way that not only satisfy the customer’s needs effectively but also reinforce the relationship between them. Each and every clause defined in the ISO structure as components contribute to work for rewarding and consistent customer experience when they use your products and service means ISO aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. It clearly states that “organization shall monitor customers’