Management was recognized as an attribute very early by the business echelons and owners; mainly because it renders the organization efficient and hence profitable! The thinkers and practitioners therefore got enthusiastic about laying down the principles of better management and they chronicled robust accounts through their research & insights. Today, we have standards and frameworks that serve as guides for the seeking managers who wish to adopt refined practices relating to ‘in house’ management. ISO
The ultimate goal of ISO 9001 is to enable the business operations in such a way that not only satisfy the customer’s needs effectively but also reinforce the relationship between them. Each and every clause defined in the ISO structure as components contribute to work for rewarding and consistent customer experience when they use your products and service means ISO aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. It clearly states that “organization shall monitor customers’
Business management was identified as a niche long ago and the objective was to usher greater efficiencies so that profits could be optimized. The charm of this correlation was never lost throughout the past and therefore the body of knowledge on the same grew bulkier. More remarkable were the ‘objective’ interventions through agencies like ISO that produced comprehensive frameworks concerning different segments of organizational efficiency. ISO outlined rational guidelines and counsels that proved immensely beneficial
Environment has been at the receiving end for long time through indiscriminate industrialization and developmental processes that were taken up with much enthusiasm around the world. While tremendous growth was achieved and human civilization continued to progress by riding on the advancements, environment suffered due to utter neglect. With the correlations getting evident in the later decades, the concern has grown significantly. Entities, chiefly the banners of business and industry are adopting environmental management benchmarks,
Irrespective of the market niche or what your organization is managing i.e. developing products or providing service, ISO 9001 Quality assurance certification has proved as a panacea for all management issues. Now many people will ask how can ISO 9001 standard can be a solution to all struggle or problems of the organization. PQAS, a leading Quality assurance consulting services provider, explains because quality assurance certification does not standardize the product or service but they