Irrespective of the market niche or what your organization is managing i.e. developing products or providing service, ISO 9001 Quality assurance certification has proved as a panacea for all management issues. Now many people will ask how can ISO 9001 standard can be a solution to all struggle or problems of the organization. PQAS, a leading Quality assurance consulting services provider, explains because quality assurance certification does not standardize the product or service but they
Finding a reliable and experienced ISO Certification Consultant is a very critical and important decision, specifically for those who are searching for the first time. ISO 9001 Consultants help the organizations to implement the management systems, where many organizations keep them as their internal auditor or management representative for ISO standards. There is no doubt that ISO Certification Consultants are a valuable asset to the team, irrespective long-term or on contract. But it’s necessary to
Before we proceed further on Quality Assurance, let’s clear one doubt Quality Assurance is a holistic approach not just related to product quality. Product quality is one aspect or part of Quality Assurance, why we are clarifying as many people either get confused or mix both the things. But when we want to go-ahead with Quality Assurance Certification for an organization, it works at all level of the enterprise, not just product. Now, let’s start
Environment is the topic in discussion around the world and the governments, activists and all are pushing for a sustainable approach to live and prosper. We simply cannot take our environment and its functions for granted today; because the challenges are graver than ever! Failing now means walking the dead path where we and our future generations would be starved of the goodness of cleaner air, uncontaminated food and stable water supplies. These issues are
A ISO 9001 Consultants from PQAS, a leading ISO certification service provider, states “ISO 9001, also known as Quality Management System, is one of the widely accepted industry standards that prove your organization is using a systematic approach in your business operate-ability while handling their systems and processes, which makes you better and effective and offer a competitive edge over others.”  Let’s get more detail on this, Why More Emphasize On ISO 9001 Implementation Then