Environment is the topic in discussion around the world and the governments, activists and all are pushing for a sustainable approach to live and prosper. We simply cannot take our environment and its functions for granted today; because the challenges are graver than ever! Failing now means walking the dead path where we and our future generations would be starved of the goodness of cleaner air, uncontaminated food and stable water supplies. These issues are
A ISO 9001 Consultants from PQAS, a leading ISO certification service provider, states “ISO 9001, also known as Quality Management System, is one of the widely accepted industry standards that prove your organization is using a systematic approach in your business operate-ability while handling their systems and processes, which makes you better and effective and offer a competitive edge over others.”  Let’s get more detail on this, Why More Emphasize On ISO 9001 Implementation Then
The most popular system standard on the international stage under Quality Management is ISO 9001. Now every organization is embarking towards this for adoption. But before going ahead with for this certification, PQAS, one of the established and renowned ISO 9001 consultants, suggest knowing certain essential basics of this, which will benefit you to correlate your organization processes with it. Let’s first understand ISO 9001 ISO 9001 ISO 9001 is an international standard for Quality
‘Management’ of an enterprise was recognized very early as an important dimension towards progressive business doing. Failing sound management means faltered initiatives and loss of resource (both material and human). This was undesirable and therefore thinkers and practitioners in commercial economy employed their counsels to formulate different theories and paradigms continued to evolve. However, the demand for better business management never saturated and therefore we find refined interventions always taking place. Integrated management system is
Putting in place a ‘safety management system’ is vital for the organization so as to minimize the risks for the workers. Such a system is mainly derived through the globally accepted standard ISO 45001:2018 which replaced the earlier British standard of OHSAS 18001. The objective of developing such a comprehensive framework is to ensure occupational health and safety of the workers that are present in the enterprise and driving the production process. The whole idea