The social economy began robustly when we developed abilities to exploit our resources that lay spread in the environment. The processes continued for more than a century after which the impacts started to show up. These impacts have only got graver with every year and the question of ‘sustainability’ has now emerged important. The condition is such tragic and critical that the mankind now stands at the crucial juncture where we may lose everything if
Among many dimensions of management, safety is also one! The enterprise operations as well as its ambience should be maintained safe against the inherent dangers that may differ from one to other sector. The concept of safety management systems gained prominence in the last few decades when the industrial sophistication increased while some risk oriented verticals found heavy prominence in the social economy. These verticals like petroleum, chemicals, electricity generation/distribution, railways, aviation and such others
Coherent management that serves suitably to all the dimensions of enterprise operations is a distant dream. In spite of refined thought development in the business management and front line business studies being imparted in the institutions, the ground level applicability is not optimized. To address this challenge, the concept of integrated management has been developed and its practical dimension is offered by the specialist agencies that provide ISO management systems consultancy. ISO or ‘International Standards
The dimensions of modern business economy have got variegated with multiple requisites that are now sought for efficient running of an enterprise. Management tasks are therefore perceived as challenges for the incumbents who are entrusted with the responsibility to maintain operations seamless and profitable also. While the business management thought has been continuously evolving in the last few decades, the applicability of the concepts as per the practical demands is only a blur. The companies
Not merely the quantity of production but its quality is also equally important. The market has widened and the buyers are making the comparisons actively to find out the best option for them. Those lacking in quality production are lagged behind in the fiercely competitive scene of current economy. ISO 9001 quality assurance certification is offered by the International Standards Organization to the companies that ensure the quality benchmarks in their production. The challenge however