What does the management of a Quality Management System Mean

Quality Management System

It refers to what the organisation does to ensure that its products and services conform to the client’s needs. It encompasses the management of Product Service in terms of Delivery, attending client’s needs and responding to their concerns and complaints as well as Product Quality in terms of performance, durability, aesthetics, function-ability, economics, etc. It impacts both the direct and indirect costs and, if not controlled, could affect the profitability of the organisation.

ISO Management Systems

ISO Management Systems

Standards put forth by the international body, ISO, on management systems may be termed ISO Management Systems. These may typically address the requirements for a Quality Management System or an Environment Management System or a Safety Management System, each separately addressing its core requirements. 

What is ISO?

It is the International Organisations for Standardization. It was brought about to have commonality between various National Standards across the globe so apples could be compared with apples and so and so forth. It brought out the first series of internationally accepted standards in 1987. For effective control, ISO has divided the world in 3 zones, each with a licensing body at its helm that monitors and ensures that the requirements of the Standards set by ISO are met through their accredited certifying bodies like BSI, Bureau Veritable, DNV-GL, LRQA, SAI-Global, SGS, TUV, etc. 

How do Organisations and their Customers benefit from the ISO Management Systems?

ISO Management System reflects that the organisation has processes that meet the requirements of its Standard in terms of Product Service as well as Product Quality and in doing so provides the customers with the assurance they need. They benefit the organisation by:

  • Generating confidence in the customers’ mind that the organisation has well defined systems in place
  • Improving its services
  • Boosting the management of the organisation through effective complaint handling processes

ISO management systems in Australia inspire hierarchical managers to wheel the management efficiently and carry the operation in a more responsible manner. Service and quality both work hand in hand. Customers are assured of the Product Quality and Service they will get and in doing so both the customers and organisations benefit through ISO Management systems.