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    We work with you to understand your processes and business requirements and to harness them into management system solutions to meet the requirements of the Standard. Quite often, it becomes difficult to understand the nuances surrounding the Standards. This is where we step in with years of proven expertise. As you would notice from our client list, we have provided service from sole proprietorships to multinationals across a multitude of products and services, from manufacturing to project management and logistics services.

    We initiate our work by having a series of meetings with the stake holders, subject matter experts and process owners of your business and embed them with the requirements of the Standards. We achieve this not only by virtue of our field experience but also by putting fool proof checks and balances in place. These involve conducting in-depth gap analysis against the required Standards and implementing the required changes. This ensures that the requirements of the Standard are met and there are no surprises during audits.

    Our satisfaction is in providing you the best that is available in management systems that:

    • Are cost and time effective.
    • Are SIMPLE.
    • Are user friendly.
    • Reduce complaints and errors.
    • Involve minimum paperwork and ongoing maintenance.


    Certified Lead Management Consultant and Lead Auditor