How your ISO 14001 Certification Consultants can help you?

With the growing popularity of eco-friendly measures, it has become imperative for companies to get their Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 certified. The basics of environmental management systems of EMS deal with minimizing the harmful or negative effect that your organization has on the environment. It is also beneficial for pushing up the company’s positive impacts through various controls and checks.

Companies and organisations are vehemently pursuing this certification to show that they are keeping an eco-friendly attitude while carrying ahead their business. If you also are looking for getting your organisation certified, you can reach out to the best ISO 14001 Certification Consultants that can help you with the process.

If you want a brief idea about what the process looks like, we will share it with you through this blog post. Basic understanding of the process will also help you go a long way in this journey.

  1. It all starts with getting the basics right. Your consultants will also ask and explain you what exactly are the standards that you need and what other additional standards will benefit you. Efficient consultants also assist companies in understanding more about EMS and how it benefits a particular company.
  2. You would also require to perform a Gap analysis to come to conclusion whether or not you need to change your EMS that is already in action. Your ISO:140001 certification consultants will help you how to create such an analysis report.
  3. As a part of the next step, you will have to plan out how to proceed with the changes. There has to be a proper guide with you that can take you step by step through the next requirements.
  4. Your employees should also know about how they can work with the new Environmental Management System. You will need to provide training materials and also conduct employee training programmes. Again, your consultants can guide you regarding how to go about this.
  5. The next big step involves designing and documentation of the ISO 14001 EMS manual and procedures. In this, you have to thoroughly look into your existing processes and systems and editing or redesigning them so that they meet the new standards. After modification, you need to control all these changes and document them properly.
  6. The next step is crucial as it involved auditing the performance of your EMS. This is the first major step towards preparing you for the auditing by a Registrar. You can ask your certification consultants for an audit checklist that will help you sail through the auditing without much problems.
  7. Lastly comes the process of getting it all registered. For this, you would need to select a particular Registrar who would visit and perform your management audit and the subsequent surveillance checks and audits. It is during these audits that the registrar will keep an eye on whether your EMS is meeting all the standard requirements. Once your Registrar gives a go ahead, you are certified! If they ask for any corrections, you would need to do that and then apply for auditing again.

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