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    Integrated Management System (IMS)

    Do you ever get the feeling that your business systems are all over the place? Like there are so many components to take care of that you find it difficult to maintain order? If yes, then you need an effective Integrated Management Systems Consultant that will bring all systems and processes of your organization together, resulting in a complete framework. This would enable your business to work as a single unit that has unified objectives. Among other things, a good IMS will take care of your business’s health and safety management.

    An Integrated Management System consists of

    Generally, Integrated Management System brings together Quality, Environmental, and Assurance. These are combined and then managed as a single, working unit. When we say “combined”, we don’t mean that these are separate systems that are joined together at a later stage. Rather, linkages are put in place to integrate them so that processes that are similar can be managed seamlessly and executed without any duplication.

    When it is time for your organization to gain an ISO certificate, it is essential that a good quality IMS system is in place that not only meets the standards of certification but also improves regular business processes. In order to be certified by the International Organization for Standardization, your business should meet standards like ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

    Integrated management system

    Businesses require certifications to be competitive in the market and meet the statutory and regulatory requirements. More importantly, they provide a competitive edge and deter potential clients from turning away in face of stiff competition. To gain ISO certifications with minimal disruption to your routine business engagements, you might consider contacting experienced Integrated management consultants to assist in putting the required systems in place so that your business can run smoothly.

    A consultant who has specifically been trained to help businesses become more efficient and gain certifications will ensure that your organization becomes productive in a positive and responsible manner.

    Establish customized integrated management System through PQAS

    Put in place a customized integrated management system in your company through PQAS and reap the benefits of high efficiency! Objective regulatory compliances with the quality, environmental, and safety requirements are also achieved. PQAS offers dedicated escorts to organizations and firms that seek to achieve better ‘in-house’ management and efficiency. Those willing to get ISO 9001 quality certification also need to adopt well-defined practices of integrated management. We help your company achieve coherence with your sector’s norms so that the optimal worth is produced and efficiencies are maximized.

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