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    If you have reached this page you are most probably looking for a reliable solution to improve your organization’s ability to meet customer requirements with an ISO management systems. PQAS are long established Quality Management Consultants that can help you achieve this goal.

    What is ISO 9001?

    ISO 9001 is a worldwide recognised standard built on meeting customer’s requirements that adds an element of assurance that the products or services supplied to them would be consistent in quality and meet their logistical expectations. This includes the management of the system’s processes, shipment, documentation and records and methodology to monitor customer satisfaction ongoing basis. The ISO management systems addresses requirements for:

    • Management responsibilities.
    • Resource management.
    • Product and services improvement.
    • Process improvement.
    • Verification and Improvement activities through inbuilt internal auditing processes.

    PQAS – Experts in integrated management systems

    As a leading Integrated Management Systems Consultants, PQAS have promoted best practices for Quality, Safety and Environment systems since inception. By consolidating operations of these individual management systems we are able to help businesses enhance the continuity and effectiveness of the management systems more efficiently. This involves integration of various internal processes for Safety, Quality and Environment besides other Standards such as ISO 13485 for Medical devices or ISO 17025 for Laboratories and provides opportunities to identify, measure, control and improve performance in all spheres of activities.

    At PQAS, we take a more holistic approach to help organization derive a range of benefits from an Integrated management System. From improved communication to training and awareness, and reduced resource commitment, organizations provide an opportunity to not only improve quality but reduce tangible and administrative costs. If you want to know more simply give us a call or contact form and one of our experts will get back to you promptly.

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