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    ISO 9001 certificationISO 9001:2015

    ISO certifications require the organizations to identify the processes and interactions between them and have ongoing verification processes. Being ISO certified adds confidence to the customer of the organization of having verified requisite processes to ensure verification and the corrective and preventive actions take place to continuously monitor business objectives and key performance indicators. Millions of organizations worldwide benefit from ISO certifications giving them an edge in sales and marketing over their non-certified competitors.

    We are a reputed ISO 9001 consulting service provider assisting companies, both large and small, attain certification to this international standard. by outlining various requirements. Our expertise lies in being put up systems that are simple to use and with the minimum fuss that has been proven to work towards the organization’s goals and bottom line.

    Benefits of ISO 9001 certification

    1. Client confidence in the certified organization’s products, services, and brand is enhanced.
    2. Helps in making forays in diverse business environments and demographics thus opening new opportunities.
    3. Operational performance increases and management get better matrix and analytical control.
    4. The induction of new staff becomes simpler and streamlined.
    5. Communication channels and coordination at different levels within the organization increases.
    6. Businesses achieve higher coordination of various activities resulting inconsistent products and services.
    7. Employee morale and motivation to work increase as they work in a more coordinated and orderly manner.

    We are committed to bringing best practices from around the globe to incorporate into your business that makes it easier to tap new markets. You could tend to miss on above benefits if you are not working towards certification.

    Our approach is based on simple following quality management principles:

    • Building a Process-based system with customer focus
    • Enhances relationship management both within the organization and external bodies of interest
    • Establishing key performance indicators in mutual consultation to propel evidence-based decision making
    • Improvement in all the verticals of the business
    • Addressing leadership requirements for control and monitoring


    Which types of businesses benefit from ISO 9001:2005 to ISO 9001:2015

    It is widely accepted that businesses benefit from standardization. PQAS provides services to all businesses engaged in diverse activities including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, finance, education, marketing, warehousing, distribution, etc. There are numerous studies to suggest that ISO 9001 standards bring superior performance and certified companies do better as compared to their competitors. Businesses win new contracts and also secure private as well as governments tenders.

    Any business can get the benefits of certification when armed with ISO 9001 certification, which announces that:

    • Your business is serious about customer satisfaction and quality of all deliverables.
    • Your business is geared to competitively move ahead of your competitors.
    • Your business is aligned to international standards assuring potential customers to having verified corrective and preventive action processes in place

    ISO certifications are developed to help organizations of all sizes and types continuously monitor and improve your organization’s productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.  ISO 9001 Certification consultants focus on QMS that covers quality assurance and control.

    Day to day management and operations get ingrained, thus. making your organization function as an integrated unit. The ideal way to go for standardization is by contacting ISO certification professionals, like PQAS, established in 1998, to assist you in achieving the business objectives goals. We can help you in the development of a systematic business framework so that you can not only retain your existing customers but add on your customer base from different demographics.

    How does the ISO 9001:2015 certification process work?

    PQAS works as your partners in the process leading you to business process improvement and ISO certification. We guide you in establishing the required processes in a simple format to get the certification, ISO 9001 in Australia.

    The International Organization for Standardization, ISO, is governed through 3 regional offices globally, one each looking after the Americas, Europe, and Africa and the 3rd, Joint Australia New Zealand Accreditation Board, JAS-ANZ, responsible for Australia, New Zealand, and Asia pacific. ISO issues their certificates typically for a three-year certification duration. Each of the 3 ISO divisions accredits the certifying bodies to conduct independent 3rd Party audits. During this period, the certification bodies conduct surveillance audits at pre-determined intervals depending on the nature, size, and needs of the organization under scrutiny. Here are more details about the certification process.

    1. Initial ISO certification audit: This phase is generally conducted in two separate audit phases. The first one is to ensure whether or not the organization is ready with requisite documentation while the second phase is to ensure its implementation. It would be a wise decision to entrust this process to ISO 9001 consulting professionals like PQAS to get on the right track in your certification process.
    2. Surveillance audit: Once certified, the certification bodies advise the frequency of surveillance audits depending on the size, nature, and complexities of the organization. These are interim checks to ensure the consistency of the organizations’ operations and verification and corrective and preventive actions processes.
    3. Recertification Audits: Every 3 years, certification bodies take a fresh look at the certification status after satisfactorily performing during the intervening Surveillance audits. The recertification audits cover overall performance as the initial audit barring the documentary review visit. A good way for assured certification is to contact ISO 9001 Certification Consultants who will make the whole process simpler for your business.

    ISO 9001 experts at PQAS, ensure that you get such a business model that not only assists you in getting certification but also it helps achieve all your business objectives in an easy and simple format.

    If you have reached this page you are most probably looking for a reliable solution to improve your organization’s ability to meet customer requirements with an ISO management systems. PQAS are long established Quality Management Consultants that can help you achieve this goal.

    What is ISO 9001?

    ISO 9001 is a worldwide recognised standard built on meeting customer’s requirements that adds an element of assurance that the products or services supplied to them would be consistent in quality and meet their logistical expectations. This includes the management of the system’s processes, shipment, documentation and records and methodology to monitor customer satisfaction ongoing basis. The ISO management systems addresses requirements for:

    • Management responsibilities.
    • Resource management.
    • Product and services improvement.
    • Process improvement.
    • Verification and Improvement activities through inbuilt internal auditing processes.

    PQAS – Experts in integrated management systems

    As a leading Integrated Management Systems Consultants, PQAS have promoted best practices for Quality, Safety and Environment systems since inception. By consolidating operations of these individual management systems we are able to help businesses enhance the continuity and effectiveness of the management systems more efficiently. This involves integration of various internal processes for Safety, Quality and Environment besides other Standards such as ISO 13485 for Medical devices or ISO 17025 for Laboratories and provides opportunities to identify, measure, control and improve performance in all spheres of activities.

    At PQAS, we take a more holistic approach to help organization derive a range of benefits from an Integrated management System. From improved communication to training and awareness, and reduced resource commitment, organizations provide an opportunity to not only improve quality but reduce tangible and administrative costs. If you want to know more simply give us a call or contact form and one of our experts will get back to you promptly.

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