Looking for Reasons and Benefits of Integrated Management System for Organizations

Integrated Management System for Organizations

An integrated management system (IMS) is a process of joining all correlated modules and components within an organization in one system for easy and efficient management and tasks. Quality. As Environmental, and Safety management systems are two different systems but with integrated management system both are combined and managed together. These systems are not joined together, rather they are integrated in such a way that similar processes are flawlessly managed and executed without repetition.

An integrated management system is suitable for any organization regardless of the dimensions or the industry. It is often implemented by any company willing to integrate several management systems into one coherent structure including all the documented information, policies, processes, procedures and the support software.

Benefits of an Integrated Management System

Before considering the merits and demerits of an integrated management system first measure whether this is the appropriate time to integrate management platforms, or whether integration would cause no immediate or long-term benefits.

Below are some advantages of IMS:


After integration and sharing of processes, resources and software by different business systems result in clear cost-reduction. Also, you have to pay less to consultants and auditors when it is for two or more management systems together, as against one at a time.


Managing environment, health, and safety & quality systems together as an integrated system on a long term basis will eventually save time and efforts.

Corporate Brand:

By applying standards of quality and integrated management systems, organizations ensure the environment, health, and safety & quality for their employees and product. Which in turn gives credibility and a big impact on the brand.


An Integrated management system works on the collaboration where data is shared across departments and organization which reduces the silos of data.

An integrated management system is one such solution, every organization is searching for the challenges and problems facing in several business areas. Once implemented appropriately, Quality Management Consultants help to reduce the burden on the organizations with the assistance of the tremendous development happening within the field of technology.

Integrated management consultants

Integrated Management Consultants come with the experience and expertise of the emerging range of business solutions for different industries and business verticals. Quality Management Consultants in Sydney Australia equipped with a team with a thorough understanding of the varied business processes that are a part of organizations. This experience of varied industry domains may be a source of strength because it helps to effectively influence the experience to feature value to existing processes and business needs. Integrated Management Consultants aims at providing process support and framework for a business, concept or thought so that quick and effective application development is often undertaken.