Planning To Adopt ISO 9001 – Understand Its Essential Basics

The most popular system standard on the international stage under Quality Management is ISO 9001. Now every organization is embarking towards this for adoption. But before going ahead with for this certification, PQAS, one of the established and renowned ISO 9001 consultants, suggest knowing certain essential basics of this, which will benefit you to correlate your organization processes with it.

Let’s first understand ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard for Quality Management systems for all industries, specifically in manufacturing. In ISO 9001, generally known as QMS (Quality Management System), the way you do your work in the organizations is planned or modified in such way that intended business results are aligned to your achieve overall an organization goals in a qualitative manner. To realize the quality objectives, organization processes, machines, peoples, and other resources are mapped as per the ISO 9001 defined structure.

Why ISO 9001 Is Needed? 

Today customers are more knowledgeable and want a guarantee that the services or products which they are buying are meeting the required quality parameters. ISO 9001 is the well-organized and uniform platform that enables the organization to be consistent in quality for their product & services, which further help to have satisfied customers.

A customer wants the definitive assurance for their purchases i.e. the products or services are tested and went through the best practices of quality management. PQAS Product Certification Consultants says ISO 9001 is one such standard which comes close to that level of assurance.

The Essential Basics

ISO 9001 quality management principles are regarded as acceptable and true which enable the organizations to embed the unswerving quality into their services or products and create value to customers. Before adopting this, understand the essential associated with it

1:It Is Customer Centric.

Meeting customer expectation and working on those activities which exceed the same in terms of their quality requirements is the primary focus of QMS, confirms the ISO Certification Consultants. By achieving both, you will see incremental repeat business from the existing customer and addition of new customers too. 

2:Leaders need to develop a culture where Direction and Purpose should be self-driven in the employees.

If you command or order employees, then the only specific or particular task will be completed but leaders need to develop a work culture where they know clearly what they are supposed to do with a unified direction and purpose, then it will lead to creating dependable work ethics in them. Communication and coordination also need to be encouraged by leaders.

3:Engage employees to make them productive.

One of the prime factors on which ISO 9001 Consultants put pressure is Employee Engagement as they are the organization’s primary asset. When you engage them in tasks, they feel empowered, dependable, and competent and feel respected, and hence productive. This helps their personal as well as professional growth. 

4:Need to have Understanding & Clarity of the Process & System Approach and its implementation.

It’s important that employees should understand the fact that each activity & sub-activity of the individual process work in a cohesive manner. They are interrelated; each part needs to be given equal importance and regular efforts to improve them, which makes the process approach consistent. And with the system approach, everything becomes predictable. 

5:Keep working on Continuous Improvement.

Continuous improvement is very critical to ensure consistency. Changes in the external and internal environment are inevitable. For example, technology on which the process was build or adopted may have evolved, so the adoption of such new tools, technology, and methodology is important to ensure success. 

6:No Decision should be made without Evidence.

Any business decision is a result of multiple interpretations, inputs, and data. It is important to evaluate the decision with the help of reliable and accurate data. Proper analysis and truthful facts always lead to more confident and objective oriented decision making. 

7:Cultivate Relationship with Business Partners.

Businesses are built on relationships with partners such as client, employees, suppliers, investors, and community. Al partners influence the organization performance, it is important to give importance to all to sustain the continuum of business.

It is important to have a clear understanding of these basics before going ahead for ISO 9001 QMS implementation with the help of ISO Certification Consultant for business success.