The Need For Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 Certificate

Environment is the topic in discussion around the world and the governments, activists and all are pushing for a sustainable approach to live and prosper. We simply cannot take our environment and its functions for granted today; because the challenges are graver than ever! Failing now means walking the dead path where we and our future generations would be starved of the goodness of cleaner air, uncontaminated food and stable water supplies. These issues are serious and deserve attention! Therefore we find the emphasis on frameworks such as ISO 14001 growing. This emphasis transcends the economy buffers and more openly asks the stakeholders, producers and decision makers to act promptly. Environmental management systems ISO 14001 have been developed to assist the organizations and business firms to find their coherence with the environment.

Why seek 14001?

By adopting and executing the guidelines mentioned in ISO 14001, any organization can emerge with a cleaner footprint and can claim better profile as far as its responsibility towards the environment is concerned. The fact that environment is not static and continuously responds to what it receives makes its management important; and the stakeholders, especially the polluters around the world thus get into focus. The production enterprises have been long blamed for sending into the environment, the GHGs or the ‘green house gases’ which destroy the precious ozone layer and generate marked disturbances that relate to climate & air quality! This is the reason that need was felt for developing a framework which can assist and escort the commercial & other entities towards a portfolio that promises less damage to the environment. 14001 of ‘International Standards Organization’ lists the protocols and means to usher the practical value as desired by the environmentalists! The ISO 14001 certification consultants have therefore found role and demand in the social economy and their task is to offer a streamlined and objective road map to the seeking organizations.

The role of consultants:

Environmental management systems consultants are the expert agencies that specialize in the task of escorting the organizations through a graded transition which lets them to earn credits for being environmentally sustainable. By securing match with the stated standards of ISO 14001, the organization gains certification. The significance of such a certification is immense; if we consider from the perspective of business doing. Any business firm that is certified with 14001 finds greater appeal and prestige in the international market where the compliances for environmental sustainability are viewed as good and desirable. In the domestic markets also, many nations mandate that companies of specific sector comply with and carry ISO 14001 certificate. When complying is necessary then aligning one’s commercial activities with the protocols of environmental goodness is sought at the earliest. The consultants do the same for the business firms and other organizations seeking such certification.

How the transition is secured?

An environmental management system for any organization needs to be designed and executed in a custom manner, if the best results are to be obtained. The expert agency offering 14001 consultancy needs to be sensitive on this parameter! For successful implementation, it is necessary that assessments are undertaken to ascertain as where the unwarranted deviations such as resource wastage, energy inefficiency, water/air pollution etc are taking place within the organizational functional matrix. After this is done, a plan of action is prepared to address these deviations and ensure desired corrections. Simultaneously, a dynamic vigil is ensured and timely audits are also done to keep the transition on right path. PQAS are the leading ISO 14001 certification consultants offering dedicated assistance to the business and other organizations that seek to gain ISO 14001 certificate.