What is Environmental Management Systems

An EMS or Environmental Management System ISO 14001 is a system which is designed to help the organizations to improve their environmental performance and manage the impact caused by their activities, services, and products on the environment. It is a structured system through which environment process of the organization is managed by doing record management, audits & inspections, defining objectives & policies and providing necessary training to the organization human resources.

As part of the organization’s strategy, Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001, address the regulations imposed by the government with respect to the environment and help in structuring, defining, and then implementing the designed environmental policy.

The three important tasks of any Environmental Management Systems are:

  1. Identification of the core or primary processes, what are their output, and identifying their significant & important impacts and aspects on the environment.
  2. What are the supporting processes and are they in place, like awareness on the part of legal compliance, how EMS information is been communicated to respective stakeholders, is infrastructure is in place, and how monitoring & controlling the environmental performance will be done.
  3. Do they have supporting processes of management system like for record control, document control, change management & internal audit in place?

EMS ensures that an organization will align their existing processes as per the defined standards which will provide the highest value to the existing & potential customers’. In EMS, the primary customer of any organization is the global, regional, and local environment, whereas secondary customer includes, employees, government agencies, shareholders or owners. 

Main Purpose & Objective of EMS ISO 14001

The main purposes of Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 is to specify or define the guidelines and general requirements with respect to the environmental obligations, when diligently followed by organization, it gives an  assurance or ensures that the outputs from the organization processes & activities will have the least negative impact on the environment and will improve the overall environmental performance. Kindly notes ISO 14001 only tells or define what needs or should be done, does not tell you how it will be done.

Who can help me with Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 Certification for my organization? 

Across world many organizations hire the ISO Certification Consultants, who help them to develop & implement an effective Environment Management System by clearly defining the environmental responsibilities, identifying their weaknesses and strengths, and work towards the continual improvement within the organization.

How EMS & Environmental Management Systems Consultants will benefit my organization? 

Environmental Management Systems Consultants provides a structured approach towards the implementation of an effective EMS system, they understand the defined standards well, and do mapping and propose changes in existing processes effectively. They help in defining the quantifiable objectives and in drafting organizations policy document. They ensure no page is being left unturned while doing so. With them, your organization is in safe hands.

Benefits of EMS are:

  • Help to focus on only critical processes and aspects.
  • Help to manage environmental responsibilities with consistency.
  • Cut down the costs and reduce wastage.
  • Ensure legal obligation and government guidelines are followed.
  • Increased credibility & reliability among customers’ and other stakeholder and also in the market.
  • Overall improvement in resource management.

By committing to Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 standards, your organization becomes more environmentally friendly.