What is ISO Management System and how it works

For a start, Quality refers to all those features of a product or service that are required by a customer. A Quality Management System is the management of all features that a customer wants and establishing the confidence that he gets it whenever he wants. It is all about assuring the customer and generating confidence. Quality Management System ensures that the organization’s products and services conform to the customer’s requirements.

A management system caters to entire breadth of an organizations’operations from the first customer interaction to the culmination of order and beyond. It encompasses planning for its products and services delivery, logistics and customer services and aims to continuously improve the quality, efficiency, and safety at the workplace. As may be imagined, there can be any number of conceivable management systems some addressing some aspects while others different. To bring about some commonality, in 1970s Governments of various countries started working to have standard management systems giving rise to the International Organisation for Standardization, commonly known as ISO.

One of the most effective ways to implement a management system now is to meet the requirements of an ISO management system. The Standard ISO 9001:2015, a prevalent general management system is adopted worldwide by several organizations to enhance efficiency and mitigate risks.

PQAS has been at the helm of ISO management systems, helping reputed organizations set up and implement their systems. PQAS ISO consultants are certified experts who assist organizations in building their management systems in the following ways.

  1. Addressing and maintaining management systems meeting the requirements of ISO standards -We help you get your accreditation for ISO 9001:2015 through your management system. We understand that the scale of your business has an impact on the kind of compliance expected and we assist you in getting it right, to get your accreditation achieved.
  2. Training- We train workforce and stakeholders in ISO management systems that lead to process improvements throughout the organization.
  3. Audits- Our process audits cover all the processes in your organization and help you to identify opportunities for improvement.
  4. Risk mitigation- We help you identify and control potentials risks to the business.

PQAS management services help you get an edge over the competition and become more compliant with the right processes across your organization. This leads to the following benefits:

  1. Increase cost-effectiveness of processes by sidelining wasteful processes
  2. Higher throughput and shorter service times that result in higher customer satisfaction
  3. Efficient response to new opportunities and faster conversions at more competitive prices
  4. Increased consistency in product and service delivery
  5. Better risk management
  6. Better communication by establishing clear processes of communication
  7. Increased project ticket size as you command a higher value being ISO compliant
  8. Increased scalability of internal processes which leads to organization growth being sustainable

You can enjoy all the above benefits and more by embracing safety management systems through us. Write to us or give us a call today to see how we can help you become more efficient and more process-oriented. At PQAS, we use our expertise and experience to give you the best ISO management services out there.