What is Safety Management System and How it Works

As an organization, the safety of your employees, workers and associates is paramount. We know that you value your teams and you see them as more than their job designations. You would also have to worry about your mounting expenses when your business hours are lost to preventable hazards and illnesses. In the fast changing and unpredictable environments of today, even the strictest Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are not enough to enforce and ensure safety. You need more. You need a Safety Management System.

A Safety Management System integrates different elements that are typical to your workplace and forms a disciplined approach towards ensuring safety. The core idea here is to put in the right expertise for Safety Management so that from being unsure about how safe you are, you can be fully sure that you and your employees are safe.

We at PQAS, have been spearheading the Safety Management areas for a number of companies. That not only makes us expert Safety Management Consultants, but it also gives us an empathetic bent of mind that help us craft the best SMS practices in the following ways.

  1. Safety Information Aggregation- The key weapon against an unforeseen event or an untoward situation is information. Biometric data about employees is not enough and nor is enough, their medical history for example. The data has to be gleaned to form important nuggets of information that can be channelized for safety measures.
  2. Safety Plan Formulation- A safety plan is a well budgeted, well governed set of definite actions that are aimed at identifying and minimizing the risk over a planned period of time.
  3. Safety Policy Formation- PQAS helps you to set up adequate safety policies that chart our key roles during a critical situation and help you be more proactive in the face of danger. These policies are also systemically designed to act upon the entire organization and they are modified for your specific organizational structure.
  4. Training and Induction about Safety Measures- Every single individual in your company must be aware of what it is that can contribute towards safety. We help them get trained in that aspect so that they are more safety-aware.
  5. Safety Monitoring- We use state-of-the-art management tools to determine the adherence to the safety objectives.
  6. Safety Reporting- Our Safety Management Consultants also set up processes that help you get reports from different units of your organization that helps in risk reporting.

With PQAS ISO Consultant, the safety of your organization and your workforce is in safe hands. Our clients have trusted us to do it for them as they get the following benefits from our services.

  1. Enhanced performance levels and minimization of loss due to injuries and fatalities
  2. Increased adherence with compliance measures and audit clearance
  3. Positive impression on customers who value you seeing how you value your employees
  4. Customers also trust you more seeing your process maturity and compliance
  5. Lower attrition rates and higher rates of retention
  6. Enforcement of internal branding as more employees see you in a more positive light
  7. Ready safety reports and information that can be provided to authorities
  8. Reduction and elimination of legal fees arising from damage claims
  9. Nurturing a positive and healthy environment, promoting work-life balance
  10. Greater throughput for processes as workers can work more confidently

These are just a few. Leverage the expertise of our Safety Management Consultants today and set up a high quality Safety Management System across your organization, to get these benefits. Our time-tested approach on the six pillars of safety management turn every stone to make your workplace safer, healthier and hence, more profitable.

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